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Friday, March 19, 2010

FOTD: Everyday Glow

Hola beauty buffs!*_*! This is a very simple, everyday look I did earlier this week using the Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette. It's great for work, or the movies, when you're feeling a bit understated.

FOTD: Everyday Glow

What Krystia used:
  • BO Foundation; Heavenly Honey & Rich Caramel
  • BO powder Med. Brown
  • Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette; peach e/s, yellow gold e/s
  • Coastal Scents blush; mauve blush
  • Sacha bronzer, all over cheeks and forhead
  • Loreal Paris Voluminous Mascara; dark brown
  • Davis brwon eyeliner
  • L.A. Girl Creme Lipstick; Fling
  • NYC Liquid lip shine; Pink Sand 
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xoxo, Krystia

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coastal Scents & Hard Candy Haul

Hola beauty buffs!*_*! I'm such a freaking spazz! I've had these items since last year December and totally forgot to post it. I've been using these products since I got them, and I love them! 

Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Shadow & Blush Palette

I cannot tell you how excited I was to get this in the mail, I was lemming!! If you were to ask me which shade I love the most, I wouldn't be able to pick. I mean; there's the pinks, purples, golds, blues, grey, peach, they are really awesome colours. 
These shadows are extremely pigmented and shimmery. However, the amount of shimmer is not overpowering at all, so no; you will not look like a hot mess rocking these shades! I love the versatility of this palette because you have a mixture of light tones, medium tones and darker tones all in one. Additionally, there is the added benefit of having 10 whole blush shades to mix and match to each look you create. Most of the blushes have shimmer, however it is not overpowering and when applied leaves just a slight hint of sheen, others just apply nearly matte. 
I would definitely suggest this Palette to any makeup aficionado. Perhaps if you are a beginner makeup gal, then I would suggest that you try any one of Coastal Scents Matte shadows or Matte Palettes. The packing is sleek and sturdy. Most important it's super affordable and who couldn't love that? These Palettes are great birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or just a nice surprise for anyone who enjoys makeup.

Coastal Scents Brushes:

These brushes are soft and they work! Although the Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler (shed like cra-zy at first) With a wash and a few uses, this stopped. I love the Italian buffer brush for liquid makeup application and I use the pink Duo Fiber brush for blush or powder application. 
The stellar gel liner has a nice texture and works well with the Angle Taklon Liner brush. The pigment sample is a lovely antique gold that is wearable for every skin tone and is a lovely single shadow colour.

  • Italian Badger Blender - 1b119 deluxe crease
  • Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush (not pictured)
  • Sable Contour Brush - c138 deluxe contour
  • Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler 
  • Italian Badger Buffer Brush Large - 1b103 flat bronzer
  • Stellar Gel Liner
  • pigment sample (a soft antique gold shade- very wearable)

    Hard Candy Haul

    I haven't really used the Hard Candy blush as much and it doesn't seem to show up on my skin for some reason. When I do use it, I have to use a lot of it and really get my blush brush into the powder. It shows up as a reddish pink tone on my cheeks, I don't know how it will look on other skin tones. But the packing is really nice and it's something different too. I really wanted to order their pink blush because I'v heard great things about its colour  and everyone had one except me and still does. Every time I go online to order it, it's never available.
    I use the tinted moisturizer when I'm making short runs and errands. This shade was the darkest shade and it was still not a good match for my colour, it was a tad lighter than I would have liked it to be, but I worked with it. I also mix this under my regular foundation when I'm going out. I like that it's a squeeze bottle/tube and that I can control the amount of product I wish to use. However the scent does smell like sunblock and this may not appeal to everyone; though it doesn't really bother me. I think that Hard Candy should really invest in broadening their colour wheel and range in respect to their tinted moisturizers. I feel as though this would bridge a gap for more women of colour to sample thier products
    The lipstick is a very soft pink nude, however I think it is better suited for light skin tones. Unless a darker skin tone pairs it up with another lipstick or gloss, it doesn't work as well, in my opinion. The design of the lipstick is unique and some people think that it's tacky, others really like it. Me, I like boldness and colour, so the more the merrier.

    • Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer with spf 15; Deep (smells like sunblock)

    • Painted Lady Lipstick: Fire Alarm

    • Blush Crush Baked Blush: Bombshell Terra Rose (not as pigmented as I'd like)

      • Swatches of the tinited moisturizer and lipstick

      Note: All products were paid for by the writer and unbiased reports. This was not a paid or sponsored review.
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      xoxo, Krystia

      Sunday, March 7, 2010

      Notice Something Different, loyal followers? . . .

      Hola beauty buffs!*_*! For those of you who frequent my blog, you would have noticed that I changed the layout of my blog. I just wanted to try something else and see how it works out. So far, I went from 88 subscribers via email on Feedburner, down to 74 in a matter of days! lol, jokes. I guess either people were turned off by the change of my layout, or they were just turned off by me and my blog. At first, I sort of cared, but then I realized that if someone doesn't want to follow my blog via email, it's not a problem, and if they continue to visit my blog, then it really shouldn't matter. I find that Feedburner is a very convenient choice to have for bloggers, when you do not have a lot of time to go back and forth between hundreds of blogs. Rather, you can simply check your email and then you will be informed on all the latest changes and posts from your favourite blogger!

      Truthfully, I hope that no one else decides to unsubscribe from receiving my feedburner posts, and continues to follow me on Blogger as well. I am not going to stop blogging anytime soon, so stick with me and give me your honest opinions. But keep them constructive and cordial, if you think that that's possible. 

      A sincere "Thank you!" goes out to all of my loyal followers, who follow both on Blogger and through email/feedburner! I know that there are a certain few in particular, who continually read and comment on my blog, which I totally and wholeheartedly appreciate! You cherished followers, are a joy to communicate with and receive feedback & advice from. Until the next post, Hasta luego beauty buffs!

      Thanks again to all those who visit and comment, please come back!*_*! Click Follow with Google Friend Connect.
      xoxo, Krystia
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