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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Notice Something Different, loyal followers? . . .

Hola beauty buffs!*_*! For those of you who frequent my blog, you would have noticed that I changed the layout of my blog. I just wanted to try something else and see how it works out. So far, I went from 88 subscribers via email on Feedburner, down to 74 in a matter of days! lol, jokes. I guess either people were turned off by the change of my layout, or they were just turned off by me and my blog. At first, I sort of cared, but then I realized that if someone doesn't want to follow my blog via email, it's not a problem, and if they continue to visit my blog, then it really shouldn't matter. I find that Feedburner is a very convenient choice to have for bloggers, when you do not have a lot of time to go back and forth between hundreds of blogs. Rather, you can simply check your email and then you will be informed on all the latest changes and posts from your favourite blogger!

Truthfully, I hope that no one else decides to unsubscribe from receiving my feedburner posts, and continues to follow me on Blogger as well. I am not going to stop blogging anytime soon, so stick with me and give me your honest opinions. But keep them constructive and cordial, if you think that that's possible. 

A sincere "Thank you!" goes out to all of my loyal followers, who follow both on Blogger and through email/feedburner! I know that there are a certain few in particular, who continually read and comment on my blog, which I totally and wholeheartedly appreciate! You cherished followers, are a joy to communicate with and receive feedback & advice from. Until the next post, Hasta luego beauty buffs!

Thanks again to all those who visit and comment, please come back!*_*! Click Follow with Google Friend Connect.
xoxo, Krystia

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