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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kim K. Silver w/ Brown Eye

Hola beauty buffs! This is yet another look that I did on Thursday. I was going out with my sister and the idea to do a silver w/ brown eye just sort of popped in my head. It is inspired by a look that Kim Kardashian does sometimes. Also, TiffanyD/MakeupByTiffanyD, http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com/ does a real cute version of this and it's on her YouTube Channel as well. So you guys should definitely check her out, she has a link to her YT channel on her blog. I know that this isn't really close to what Kim K. does, but it's just an inspired look, not a total replica, okay, so please keep that in mind. Additionally, like everyone says on here at one point or another, I'm not a pro Makeup Artist[MUA], just a girl who has been in love with makeup[mu] since forever and wouldn't mind doing this for a living, or even part-time!*_*!
Pic Heavy
Products used: -Primer Mark Do Everything in Skin 6 -Manly Palette [2 silvers (matte+shimmer) on 2/3 of lid, 2 browns (light+med) in the crease] -Lips [Blistex+Carmex, Victoria Jackson's pink pot gloss, Elizabeth Arden High Shine Gloss in Radiant Mauve] -black eye liner in lower lashline [waterline] -Mascara Clinique High Impact in brown/black Thank you to all for visiting this blog, commenting, cboxing, and following. Please leave your comments and follow this blog*_*


tiff said...

Nice combo! I've never thought to try brown with silver before. Btw, you have great brows :).

Krystia said...

lol, I know right?! It's like a juxtapose with the combination, but when I saw it on TiffanyD, I had to try it too! And thank you for the compliment, hehe*_*

Olivia said...

great look, you're super gorgeous <3

Krystia said...

Aww, thanx much Olivia! I really appreciate you following.Check me out on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/ksdkemp.

beauty cosmetics said...

You are looking very pretty. Nice combination!

Ares G. said...

Cute look^^ really natural.

Yes its me with my model.

Krystia said...

Oh, thanks BC and Ares! I appreciate you following!*_*!

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