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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tropical Rush: yellow+orange+blue

I'm from the Caribbean, and I love the whole "island look", although I hate that phrase; because it's a bit condescending to me. Bright, bold colours that stir the emotions and lift the spirit are always delightful and yummy to the eye. Wearing these colours are engaging and allows you to express that 'light' and 'happy' side of yourself. I swear, so many persons took a double take when they saw my eyes, and whether they approved or not, I was feeling both festive and jovial, lol. So ladies and fellow bloggers alike, please, go and find your colour swag!*_*! I used the Manly 80 e/s Palette. Pic Heavy
Tropical Rush: yellow+orange+blue
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A Friend's Wedding

My sister Brittanie's friend got married last week on the 18th of July. Brittanie was an usher in the wedding, and she looked smashing, total knockout!*_*! It was a very lovely ceremony, there was singing and tributes to the couple, it was touching. These are few pictures of the wedding event and from the reception.
The bride and groom at the altar with the pastor and one of her bridesmaids.
My 3 sisters, Brittanie [in the red], Brooklyn [the baby], Krystal [the twin]. Brittanie looked ravishing; she had her nails done, did her own hair in twists, then unloosed them, and wore a gorgeous dress with cute heels.
My baby sister, Brooklyn, posing for the camera.
Krissy & Brooky after the wedding. Me [Krystia] The bride, Dominique still looking gorgeous.These are pics of me [Krystia], on the way to the reception and afterward at home, in a very unique blouse that I picked up at 'french sounding' boutique Downtown, off Bay St., here in Nassau.
Krystal took some pics of herself on the way to and after the party.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Days @ the Beach/ Pool Time with my Family

Pool Time with my Family
My mummy had ordered a play pool for Brooklyn, so she could have some water fun during the summer, which Brittanie brought back with her when she came down for summer break. So these are some of the pics I took while we set it up. This took 2 days to complete because the instructions told us to get a hand or foot pump, but this humongous pool needed an automatic pump. So on Saturday we get a foot pump and spent hours pumping air into the first section of this pool, and after a while we realized that it wasn't getting the job done efficiently and that we needed a higher pressure air pump, but we didn't get it until Sunday. So on Sunday we had an air tank, with which we had to make several, [5] trips to the gas station to fill it up with air, then put into the pool. As you will see, we had a blast in our,- I mean Brooklyn's pool!
Brittanie, Brooklyn, me
Krystal, Brooklyn, Brittanie
Me and Brooklyn
Me, before the pool
Brooklyn, on Saturday whil we were still setting up.
Brittanie, on Saturday while we were setting up the pool.
Krystal, fiddling with that useless foot pump.
A deflated pool. Days @ the Beach These are pics from a beach outing with my family [mummy, Krystal, Brittanie, and Brooklyn]. These are two separate days; first I went with my mummy and Brooklyn, then a few days later we all went together. The tide was low on the 23rd, when we all went.
Krystal and Brooklyn.
Brooky splashing around.
Brittanie and Brooklyn.
Brooky with her pail and shovel.
Our gorgeous mummy.
Mummy and Brooklyn together.
Me with Brooklyn.
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