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Sunday, August 8, 2010

NOTD: Natural French Mani

NOTD: Natural French Mani

Hola beauty buffs! I know I took a long while to hit you with another post. :( 
Please forgive me as I was sidetracked with job-hunting, and just life in general.
I rocked this sophisticated, refined, yet fun look for a few weeks. For a twist, I switched up the nail decals, added pink polish onto the flowers, and green polish as leaves. The kit that I used was a Sally Hansen Manicure kit which included nail guides, a clear hardener/growth serum, a white tip pen, and a sheer natural polish. This was the only colour that was available at the time that I bought it. However; this product does come in an array of colour selections, so if you prefer the more traditional pink-mani,  sheer pink-mani, or pearl-toned mani; whatever floats your boat, there is a kit that should suit your personal style.

What I used:
  • Sallly Hansen Manicure Kit; Sheer Natural
  • LA Girls flower Nail Decals
  • Pro Nail Systems; hardener (to give a more pink look)
  • a silver/diamond clover ring

Hola beauty buffs!*_*! Thanks again to all those who visit and comment, please come back!*_*! Click Follow with Google Friend Connect. 
xoxo, Krystia


kimmydadiva said...

Very pretty, you have nice nails too, I wish I had long nails, if only I could break out of my biting nails habit.

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

your nails look perfect :)

reen said...

hey..nice NOTD..simple and elegant..=)

Krystia said...

-Thanks girl, it only took me 21 years to grow out my nails! lol I was/am a nail biter, not so much anymore, but wearing acrylics helped. Then I just let my nails catch themselves and I tried my best not to bite. Keeping nail hardener and polish on them at all times helps to strengthen them.

-gracias mama!

-I appreciate it hun, tank u!

Fashion-rocks said...

Love those nails.


Anonymous said...

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Krystia said...

@ Fashion-rocks:
-thanks a bunch for ur support.
@ Anonymous: idk what to say, I think this is a spam cmnt, but watevs. Thanks anyway! lol

kdlkemp said...

Tia, your nails are gorge!
I'm so jelioso cuz mine r non-existent!
You're really awesome at what u do! And I'm really proud of you!


kdlkemp said...

Oh, also, your ring is too cute. i want to steal it. And i loved all the looks, the brow...nice!


Krystia said...

-tanku, tanku, tanku, no need to be jealous hun, if you wud stop eating ur nails, then they wud grow too! lol I love the way that you love and support me sis!
-I kno right? I totally feel in love with my ring when I saw it and had to get it! No worries, you can borrow it sometime, if you act right that is! lol


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