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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bright, Neutral Eye

This look was done by using 2 eye shadow palettes, both were inexpensive, drug store brands; Al'Kiss and Baolishi. To re-create look: Prime lids first [i use a cream stick of concealer/foundation/powder that didn't work for my complexion as a primer for my lids!] Use:
  1. a yellow gold e/s [on 1/3 of lid, blend up]
  2. a mid green shade e/s [on the 2/3 of lid, blend and work up]
  3. a soft or dark brown e/s [on the outer v of lid and blend well into crease]
  4. a light or soft yellow/brown/white e/s [below the brow, blend out the harsh line between brow and crease]
  • [Optional] for a dramatic look and thicker lashes, add liquid/shadow liner to upper lash line and blend or smudge in.
  • [Optional] you can replicate this look on the lower lash line by using the same e/s with a smaller brush, a smudger, or pencil brush. add a brown or black pencil/shadow eyeliner on the waterline.
  • add mascara and fill in eyebrow for a completed eye look.
  • For Face:
  1. I used Iman's Cream to Powder Foundation in Clay 3, first with sponge, then blend with a brush. This gave great coverage, because I have a lot of acne scars and it did a great job of concealing that!
  2. I used 2 random blushes that I found, applied to the apples of cheeks, blending in and up.
  3. add to that a #7 soft pink gloss from the Ushas brand, or a pink, gold/bronze lip gloss from Mark, or whatever brand & or colour you prefer. And Viola, you're done!*_*!
Thank you, for who all checked this out!*_*!


Brittanie said...

Hey Tia

I just checked this out cuz I didn't know what this blogspot thing was, thought you'd just be ranting or w/e lol...but this is really good. You should seriously consider a career in this- or at least a hobby. loves you muah!

Krystia said...

Hey Brittanie, thanks a bunch hun!*_*! Lovies, can't wait till u come back home on Sunday!

Krystia said...

I just noticed that no one has ever commented on my first Makeup Post either! What a bummer, I so cherish this first time post. I was so relieved and proud when I completed it!

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