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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Blog Topics 0_0, Help please?!

Hola beauty buffs!*_*! How is everything and how are you all doing?! Hope that you didn't miss me too much, I was getting caught up with online Christmas shopping and reconnecting with my girlfriends. Although, just because I may not post as frequently, that doesn't mean that I've stopped following my "go to" blogs; because I still keep myself up to speed on you guys' new posts, through my email subscription. Plus, if I really love you, then I will make time to visit the actual blog.

A list of my ideas:
- Monthly Favourite Products
- Monthly Hauls
- Personal Must Have Product; to be done Monthly
- Monthly Follow and Sub worthy Blog Features = Blogs You Must Follow and Subscribe to
- More FOTDs and EOTDs + Videos
- . . . and of course I am open to your suggestions

However, I wanted to reassure those of you who like to visit or follow my blog that I've been processing new ideas for the blog that I will begin implementing even when I don't have a FOTD/EOTD = Face of the Day/ Eye of the Day to post. I would also appreciate it if my followers or anyone else who happens to pass through would just leave their thoughts and ideas on what I could do to add to the fullness of my blog. You can leave comments about this matter at the bottom here, in the comment box, or on the blog's main Chat-box; anyone can do so, just choose an alias so I can know who it is, or remain incognito if you so choose.

Thanks again beauty buffs, for your continual support!*_*!
xoxo, Krystia

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