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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vell Muddoes*: Krystia's Decmeber Haul

Hola beauty buffs!*_*! I'm just now posting it up, but hey, who are we kidding, I've been using some of these products for a while; give or take a month or two. It'll just be our little secret, though- hehe.  However, if you follow my blog and are a reader* then you'll be able to match the pictures to the name, so to speak. I actually have a bunch of stuff that I've been meaning to post, but somehow got distracted from doing so; thus, they've piled up. In an effort to resolve this conundrum of mine, I've decided to break my December haul into Lips, Face, & Eye products.

Vell Muddoes*: Krystia's Decmeber Haul Lips
1-NYC Liquid Lip Shine 552U Cappuccino 
- a light coloured beige lip gloss that looks better when paired over another l/g or lipstick to tone down.
- the colour gets lost among the shimmers, so it's not as richly coloured as I hoped. However, some people may like that, as it may complement them.
- pleasant aroma
- nice packaging & lots of product. 2/5* stars

2-NYC Liquid Lip Shine 538U Pink Sand
- a sheer pink l/g that is a perfect nude lip, it can be paired over l/s or with l/g.
- looks great worn alone for a subtle, everyday look.
- pleasant aroma
- nice packaging & lots of product.
- love it (L) 5/5* stars

3-NYX Goddess of the Night lipgloss LG127 w/Mega Shine Pink Frost
- a luminescent pink l/g with purple/blue undertones. 
-works great when paired with a similar toned lip stick, or worn alone but blended in well.
- fruity/pleasant aroma
- unsure of how I feel about the wand, but it works well.
-  4/5* stars

4-L.A. Colors 398 Lipstick Pink-A-Boo
- more of a matte looking l/s and should be paired with a nude gloss for a hit of luster.
- seems like it should be pink, however it's more blue based. So it looks like a soft lilac colour. The colour must be built up.
- nothing too special about the packaging or aroma. 
- I like it when layered with a nude gloss, but I rarely wear it alone; it's too bright and blue-based for my skin tone. However, fairer skin tones may like it. 3/5* stars

5-LA Splash Waveliner Lip Defining Lipliner L29 Pink Diamonds
- a bright pink with purple undertones.
- product does not apply well on my lips, but when swatched, it applied very well.
- super drying on my lips.
- did not perform as a lip liner should. When I applied my lip stick, it just spread around and looked odd. So I really had to work with it in order to get it looking right. 2/5* stars

1-NYC Liquid Lip Shine 552U Cappuccino
2-NYC Liquid Lip Shine 538U Pink Sand
3-NYX Goddess of the Night lipgloss LG127 w/Mega Shine Pink Frost
4-L.A. Colors 398 Lipstick Pink-A-Boo
5-LA Splash Waveliner Lip Defining Lipliner L29 Pink Diamonds

-reader* someone who actually takes the time to read a blog that they follow, not simply scroll for pics like a 5-year old
-Vell Muddoes* a Bahamian colloquial term(a common dialect phrase) used as a statement of shock/surprise/disbelief; used jokingly
- I don't know if I qualify under those FTC guidelines, given that I live outside of the U.S and we don't have those kinds of laws here. However, just in case; I bought all the products myself and was not sent any of these, by anyone for a paid review.

Thanks again to all those who visit and comment, please come back!*_*! Click Follow with Google Friend Connect.
xoxo, Krystia


Anonymous said...

Love love love that cappuccino gloss by NYC. So opaque and nude. I have quite fair skin and that pretty much cancels out all the pink in my lips and blends seamlessly with my face. Love the heavy texture, which not everyone likes. I usually do wear a balm or something under it because I use a little concealer over my lips before application, which can be drying on it's own, but this can dry your lips out and become clumpy if you don't reapply often or moisturize them before (especially if you've had it a while)

Krystia said...

@Anonymous: I agree a lot with what you've said. However, this colour is too shiny for me to pull off alone. And I cannot use too much of it either; so I usually pair it with something else. Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog and comment!

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