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Saturday, September 12, 2009

FOTD: Smokey Neutral Haze

These photos were taken a few days after I got my hair washed, conditioned, blow dried, cut and styled. Mind you, the heat and humidity here in Nassau is outrageous. My hair can't stay straight for more than a few minutes before fuzzing up. I was getting tempted to perm or at least texterize my hair for the fall, but I think that I'm just gonna stick it out and see how long I can manage keeping my hair straight. And then maybe I'll wash, condition, and twist my hair, so it won't dry out.
FOTD: Smokey Neutral Haze
What I used:
- Primer: Speedway Do Everything Makeup by Mark in Skin 6

- Baolishi palette yellow gold e/s, green e/s, deepened brown e/s

- Al'Kiss palette reddish brown e/s, light-med. brown e/s

- Line the top and bottom lashes with black pencil eyeliner

- Brush the eyebrows in place and apply Mascara Avon Super-Shock in black

- For a nude lip, I applied an unknown brand of lip gloss in Malt ( soft nude-brown with a matte/ slightly satin finish) and Elizabeth Arden High Shine Gloss in Radiant Mauve

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GoldBeauty88 said...

Simply gorgeous! I absolutely love looove golds :)

Krystia said...

Wow, thank you, you're too sweet. I love your looks girl!

tiff said...

Very nice soft smokey look! I absolutely hate it when my hair is nice and smooth, only to step outside and have it ruined by humidity.

Krystia said...

Thanx Tiff! I know right? I totally got sick of the fuzzball that was my 'straight' hair so I washed and conditioned my hair last night. So loving my natural hair texture; soft and curly!*_*! It's just me and it looks great, it's even grown out since I got it cut!

Shopn'Chomp said...

You look beautiful and have such a lovely smile, hun! :D

Louie said...

i think straight hair is suits on you :) very nice wearable e/s

Krystia said...

Why thank you both for the lovely comments. I appreciate your support!*_*!

Mimilainna said...

i like this one very seductive, it works great with your skintone!

Krystia said...

Thank you*_*

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