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Monday, July 20, 2009

EOTD: A Pop of Blue w/ Brown-Orange

Hola Beauty buffs!*_*! I did this look on the 13th of July; I went out to run errands with my sister. I used the Manly #02 e/s palette. This is a real fun and super easy look to put together, especially for summer. The main colours that I used were blue, light brown, orange, and highlights. I find myself utilizing a lot of blue e/s in my eye wear lately, idk why, but I just think cool, easy-going, summer-fun, and lightness when I see really nice hues of blue!*_*! I doubt that anyone could go very wrong when using a blue e/s, or any colour for that matter, because it goes so well with all complexions. I hope you all enjoy and try out this look sometime! Method: Use 4th blue e/s on the top palette; 4th blue e/s 2nd row on the bottom; 2nd brown e/s on the top palette over that put 1st orange e/s on the top palette; then the first two highlight colours. Blend each layer of colour so there are no harsh lines. Thank you so much for paying attention to my blog! Please leave comments, cbox msgs, and follow me if you haven't already done so!*_*!


tiff said...

Blue really makes your eyes pop. I love using blues too...it seems to make my eyes look more awake even if I'm exhausted.

Krystia said...

lol, I love your style Tiff, it's like you're my blog 'soulmate', you know what I mean. Thank you though, blue can be anyone's 'go-to' e/s colour!

MakeupJunkee said...

hey girl, Im totally diggin this look.. the blue really makes your eyes the center of attention. Loveee it. By the way, my name is Christina. And yours?

Krystia said...

Hey Christina, I'm Krystia*_* And thank you by the way!

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