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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ladies Night

Hola beauty buffs! How are all of you doing out there in this great world?! I certainly hope that all is well indeed! Some young ladies from my Bible Study and Grace Community Church decided that we should have a "Girls Night," to initiate some bonding and get to know one another better. It was super awesome, there were older girls, like myself and some younger ones, like my sister Brittanie. This was, Friday, July 3th. We played Rock Band, watched Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, ordered pizza, did our feet and nails, had facials!*_*! You can imagine, it was super chill and just a great atmosphere to get to know other girls who we didn't know because some people were away in college or whatnot. One f the girls was kind enough to let us use her house [parent's home], they live out west in a well designed, huge 3 story house with a wide screen tv, pool and decked out with cool furnishings and a nice kitchen nook. It's real nice, as you'll be able to see from some of the pics. Enjoy*_*
Pic Heavy
My twin sister Krystal and I singing The Killers song 'When You Were Young' [from l-r] Gabrielle, Sarah, Tamara, Lydia getting pizza, Elora's head [from l-r] Gabrielle, Elora, Brittanie [my sister in the black tank], Tamara [from l-r] Nicole, Krystal [my sister in the cami] [from l-r] Tamara's head, Letisha [her house] [from l-r] Letisha [her house], Nicole, Krystal, Elora's head Krystal [my twin sister] [Before shot] Me getting my facial from Lydia[from l-r] Me [Krystia], Letisha, Lydia [After shot] Me, a real jokey picture, one eye open, one eye shutPics of my toes after my pedi Pics of my hands after my manicure

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